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Career Overview

User experience (UX) is about how one feels on a particular interface system, website or web application in context with utility, efficiency and experience. User experience designers therefore are primarily concerned with the interaction between the users and a system. They seek ways to improve on customer experiences with the objective of creating an engaging user experience. The process of creating user experience design often involves a mixture of technical, analytical, creative and scientific applications. UX designers must hold strong interests & capabilities in understanding user centric design, problem solving abilities and a creative mind. Websites today have become complex and have witnessed a transformation in the years. There are numerous devices and accessibility to systems & devices and a user experience designer must ensure interface designs are user- centric, enjoyable and revenue generating for the client's product. User experiences are different among websites and a user experience design must be tailor made to suit the goals, values, process and products of a website. User experience designers enjoy extreme work diversity with the opportunity to work on various platforms such as mobile apps, enterprise applications or traditional desktop software. The career offers multiple job roles making it fun and exciting. Some of the common roles being, user research, interaction design and IA (information architecture). There is continual on-job learning in addition to the acquired degree one obtains that makes the career innovative and exploratory throughout work life.A career as a user experience designer is a perfect blend of applying visual skills, technical skills & creativity. It offers a realm of opportunities in various areas. You can chart your career depending upon your interest and abilities.

Salaries and Job Outlook*

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User experience designers contribute significantly towards all aspects of a user's experience of a site, including its layout, graphics, usability and user interaction. More and more companies have started laying emphasis on user centric designs for their websites to optimize their products & services for potential customers. This has pushed most online companies to hire trained UX designers whose expertise help in bringing about massive conversion rates and enhance their revenue. Companies developing smart-phones of similar features need an edge over their competitors and look to hire these designers in large numbers.The salary for user experience designers are influenced by skills, education, industry experience and understanding of business trends. Interaction design and information architecture are some of the highest paying jobs among user experience designers. The average salary ranges between INR 6.8 lacs p.a to 7.5 lacs p.a.

Education and Training

Degrees Required:
Bachelor's Degree in Arts Computer Science

To become a user experience designer one can hail from diverse backgrounds that may not be technology specific. Most employers prefer a bachelor's degree in areas such as psychology, visual design, communication or liberal arts. There are ample UX courses one can take up to help one get started in this field. A degree in visual design or graphic design may also increase the chances of employment.Getting an internship or gaining experience through personal projects is one of the best ways to break into this career for aspiring user experience designers. One can develop skills in usability testing or even helping a UX team design deliverables and build valuable experience.

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Valued Traits & Abilities

Communication Skills
Creativity & Innovative
Problem-Solving Skills
Detail Oriented
Analytical Skills
Teamwork Skills

Career Opportunities

User experience design is a versatile field offering extreme diversity of job roles. Most products and companies need usability and employ these designers for creating interfaces that are customer focused and impactful. They may work for desktop software, mobile devices, or other web application platforms. A user experience designer can choose from among different disciplines that contribute to the user experience such as UX researcher (user experience researcher), information architect, visual designer or a testing expert. They can be employed by large firms as full time user experience designers or in smaller firms who often hire them as consultants when needed. Freelancing opportunities are also abundant for experienced designers of this field.User experience designers with multiple skill sets can explore a range of job titles and opportunities. Some of them are:

Information Architect

They focus on how information will be organized and presented in a website. IAs are essentially responsible for the content design of a website, web application, mobile application or social media software that includes navigation, aggregation, presentation and access control.

Visual Designer

Visual designers focus on the aesthetics of a site related to images, fonts, colors and other elements such as fine art, texture, typography and form. They generally work with all graphic related things in a variety of industries such as print, advertising agencies, design studios or book publishers.

User Experience Researcher

They are primarily responsible for designing, conducting, analyzing and reporting on usability testing of a company website. They collect information by conducting interviews, inquiries and learn about the user on important aspects like issues they are facing, preferences and type of equipment used. On the basis of research results they provide recommendations for improvement of user experience.

Top Companies

  • Symantec Software India Pvt. Ltd.
  • IBM
  • Amazon India Software Development Centre Pvt. Ltd.
  • HCL Technologies
  • Times Internet