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Software Tester

Career Overview

Software testing is a method of assessing the functionality of a software program in the SDLC (software development life cycle) which helps to improve the quality, reliability & performance of the system. As computer programs are an integral part of many businesses, including automotive, gaming and consumer electronics, Software testing is increasingly recognized as a career to support the rapidly changing business conditions. Poor quality standards and bugs in systems have substantial strategic implications for IT service providers and cost a company its reputation, money and time, so the role of a Software Tester is imperative to any business environment.Software Testing offers an intellectually challenging career option that gives the opportunity to fully utilize your critical thinking and creativity to explore new things. Therefore good analytical and creative skills, are a pre requisite for a career in Software Testing.Some of the roles of a Software Tester in any software organization are:

  • Analyze, review and assess project requirements and design specifications
  • Creating test designs, test cases and test procedure ( test script) for testing the application
  • Execute Test Cases and Automation Test Script
  • Defect Report and prioritizing defects
  • Participating in Re-testing and Regression Testing
  • Discuss doubts and queries with developmental team

Salaries and Job Outlook*

Median Annual Pay
Number of Jobs
Projected Growth Rate

With growing complexity of applications and the technology involved, organizations are increasingly focusing on software testing. There are huge market opportunities for Indian offshore software testing companies as they are outsourced for being cheaper markets opening up large numbers of job openings, or new and emerging occupations. A career in software testing also ensures a faster career growth and one can advance to other fields like product managers, business analysts, project managers and trusted advisors.The average pay for a Software tester is INR 3.0 lacs p.a. A senior Software tester can earn anywhere in the range of INR 4.5 lacs to 6.0 lacs p.a.

Education and Training

Degrees Required:
B.Tech. B.E. B.Sc. Computer Science M.C.A.

A bachelor's degree in computer science, information systems, or software engineering or a certified software testing certification is desirable to become a Software tester. Employers will expect you to have excellent technical knowledge of as many programming languages and platforms as possible, and a good understanding of the software testing lifecycle.With software becoming more and more complex, specific training and experience may be compulsory with certain employers.

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Valued Traits & Abilities

Analytical Skills
Computer Skills
Communication Skills
Problem-Solving Skills
Leadership Skills
Teamwork Skills

Career Opportunities

A career in software testing offers plenty of opportunities to quickly advance in your career. With experience and seniority you can become senior engineer, project lead, project manager, line manager, director, etc. One can also work in various levels within software testing. From the junior positions, you can build up skills to progress through to software test lead, software test manager, and software test architect or software test designer. Most of the product and services organizations have a dedicated career path for test engineers. Software testers can also become part of an independent software testing company or join an internal software testing department in a leading firm.Some of the alternate career options of a software tester are:

Business Analyst

Transition to this role is one of the most common paths where one is responsible to analyze and assess a company's business model and work flows. They analyze such information and communicate with a wide variety of people.

IT (Information Technology) Consultant

They perform a vast range of consulting services from hardware supply to business remodelling. Often considered very vital people to businesses for their research, analysis, recommendation and act as a coach by advising their clients on how to use information and communication to meet their goals.

Quality Assurance Engineer

They identify software defects, develop procedures to ensure that the products manufactured or services are of good quality and in conformance to ISO standards. They monitor the processes throughout the SDLC ( software development life cycle) in order to meet customer requirements.

Top Companies

  • IBM
  • SunGard Solutions India Pvt. Ltd
  • Oracle
  • Flipkart
  • Sapient
  • Reliance Industries ltd.
  • Citrix