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Sales Coordinator

Career Overview

A sales coordinator plays an integral role in supporting the sales function of an organization. They serve as a liaison between the sales team and various other departments & clients with the objective of meeting business targets set by the company. Sales coordinators ensure effective communication between the sales team and customers, help in implementing marketing strategies, handle complex issues related to customer complaints and support in other administrative tasks. As sales departments continue to grow and expand, the role played by a sales coordinator may not be limited to support functions alone but get diversified to handling multiple responsibilities in both pre-sales and post sales processes. The career offers one the opportunity to multi-task and work in a fast paced challenging work environment. It also opens the door to a career in sales for those who wish to pursue it as a future goal. The role of a sales coordinator is well suited for anyone who possesses excellent people skills, is well organized and has one of the most important qualities of being result oriented. The career paves the way for limitless opportunities for personal & career growth apart from a chance to consider a career in sales.Sales coordinators play multiple roles in supporting the sales department of an organization, some of them are:

  • Handle customer queries and provide quality response to them
  • Support the field sales in arranging appointments, complete paperwork and maintain other data
  • Prepare sales quotations and sales correspondences
  • Organize sales promotion campaigns
  • Analyze data and produce reports as and when requested
  • Make follow up calls, confirm orders and ensure delivery dates
  • Respond to sales enquiries and queries via email / phone
  • Work closely with sales & marketing and assist in developing sales strategies

Salaries and Job Outlook*

Median Annual Pay
Number of Jobs
Projected Growth Rate

Sales coordinators are employed in most large firms and fast growing fields including, retail, manufacturing, services, insurance, medical, travel, automobile and real estate. Social media and digital activities also demand the need for sales coordinators to monitor website traffic reports and other important data. They are often considered a potential resource for future sales departments in organizations and allow experienced sales coordinators scope for career advancement.Sales coordinators are well rewarded monetarily with incentives or bonus on achieving sales targets if assigned or making sales closures individually. Although given a fixed pay, sales coordinators have the opportunity to incentivize their earnings. The average salary earned by a sales coordinator ranges between INR 2.0 lacs p.a to 2.5 lacs p.a.

Education and Training

Degrees Required:
Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration

Although experience and educational requirements may vary with industry and employers, sales coordinators must earn a bachelor's degree in business administration or related to sales and marketing. Pursuing an MBA degree can give a distinct advantage over other competitors and enhance job prospects. Some industries may prefer technical certification in software skills or language competencies.Prior experiences of working in a sales environment help in getting a general understanding and propel growth for advancing to higher positions.

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Valued Traits & Abilities

Communication Skills
Detail Oriented
Decision-Making Skills
Problem-Solving Skills

Career Opportunities

Opportunities for employment for sales coordinators are aplenty among varied industries that largely depend upon them as a crucial support to sales and marketing functions. They may be hired to provide customer service, handle marketing and promotional activities, prospecting new clients or may be involved in digital marketing activities such as reporting on website traffic etc. Sales coordinators are also employed in huge numbers in the hotel & hospitality sectors to prospect and promote hotel facilities to clients. A career as a sales coordinator is full of versatility in terms of roles and functions depending upon the nature of industry one is employed with. The possibilities of internal promotion to managerial positions or sales are also high with longer work experience.

Customer Service Manager

These managers help build good customer relations and thereby meet organizational and operational objectives. They handle escalated issues, review and resolve customer complaints and with their supervisory skills evaluate & monitor staff performance. Customer service managers are usually employed in high numbers into industries like retail, banking, tourism, transport and IT.


Merchandisers are generally associated with retail industry wherein they plan and develop strategies to enable a company sell their products. Maximizing profitability, monitoring sales trends, checking for stocks, stores and suppliers are among their key responsibility areas.

Sales Officer

Sales officers work in large numbers with banks, service industries and retailers with the objective to promote products and services to potential customers. They must have the art of negotiation and be able to maximize sales profits as well as manage client relationship.

Top Companies

  • Marriott Hotels Ltd.
  • Clay Telecom
  • HP India Pvt. Ltd.
  • Indian Institute of Learning & Development Pvt. Ltd.
  • Hotel Park Plaza
  • Dell
  • AT&T
  • Bharti Airtel Ltd.

Interview: Sales Coordinator

“A Sales Coordinator's career does not come with a set of instructions - you create your own rules and make them work for your company.”
Jennifer Alphonso