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Sales Associate

Career Overview

Sales Associates generally fall into the category of 'Retail Sales Worker' and usually work in grocery stores, electronics or clothing stores with the main objective of assisting customers in selecting and purchasing merchandize depending upon customer needs, processing paperwork and payments, and following up enquiries. They are the skilled sales people who work on the shop floor and are in charge of the entire customer service experience in the store. Performing product demos, tailoring an approach to each customer's needs and efficiently closing the deal are his fundamental work responsibilities. The career of a sales associate involves huge amount of customer interaction and require strong sales ability, effective communication and a pleasant disposition. If you take pleasure in working with people, are persuasive by nature, the career as a Sales associate might work well for you that offers an exciting environment that change every day.Some of the everyday work responsibilities of a Sales Associate are:

  • Greeting customers in a friendly manner
  • Provide courteous and prompt service
  • Attending to enquiries by telephone, email or in person
  • Informing customers about new products/ promotional sales
  • Ensure product compliance and after sales service
  • Set and achieve sales goals and targets
  • Check stock levels and order for merchandize at regular intervals
  • Keep alert on theft or burglary

Salaries and Job Outlook*

Median Annual Pay
Number of Jobs
Projected Growth Rate

The job outlook for Sales Associates is fair with the Indian retail industry being one of the most vibrant in the country. Increased urbanization and better disposable incomes are also favorable to the bright job outlook of a career as Sales Associate. They can work in-house in a retail outlet such as clothing stores, furniture outlets, food courts and anywhere else that products or services are sold. Department stores, dealers and general merchandise stores were among the largest employers for sales associates.Successful sales associates can earn very high salaries, depending on the type of industry in which they are employed. They also earn a combination of a base salary plus commission or incentives.The average salary of a Sales associate is in the range of INR 2.0 lacs p.a to 2.5 lacs p.a.

Education and Training

Degrees Required:
Bachelor's Degree Diploma in Sales and Marketing

Although no formal qualifications are needed to become a Sales associate but earning a Bachelor's degree is most preferable among employers. They usually acquire the necessary skills for this occupation through on-the-job training. Experience is more important than education when it comes to securing this career for example, customer service, handling money and processing payments. However for most entry-level positions applicants with no experience can get trained, making Sales associates one of the easiest job markets to enter for first-time workers.

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Valued Traits & Abilities

Communication Skills
Teamwork Skills
Time-Management Skills
Creativity & Innovative

Career Opportunities

Sales are critical to a company's success in maintaining outstanding customer service, generating sales, merchandising and remaining competitive. Sales Associate can find opportunities is a wide variety of fields such as, retail, construction, manufacturing, healthcare, banking, education, media, software, automobile, events &exhibition and nonprofit firms. Advancement opportunities from this position might include management positions or corporate sales positions, depending on the size and type of the parent corporation. Having developed solid selling skills and experience one can even consider running an own business like selling your own professional service, becoming a distributor or become a franchisee owner.

Relationship Manager, Sales

They are generally employed by financial institutions and are focused on building relationships with a wide range of customers and clients. They could be building new relationships and winning clients and /or ensuring existing clients are well taken care. Identifying new business and cross selling are other responsibilities of Sales relationship managers.

Sales Support

Support specialists are usually not involved in selling but with pre- sale activities, prepare sales strategies, back up support and other administrative tasks. Managing and logging sales orders into the system and maintain valuable records are his typical work areas.

Top Companies

  • Ingram Micro
  • Honeywell
  • Metropolis Healthcare
  • Gitanjali Gems Ltd.
  • Citibank
  • Practo
  • Taj Hotels
  • Dell