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Financial Controller

Career Overview

The Financial Controller reports to the CFO (Chartered Financial Officer) who contributes to the overall success of the organization by effectively managing all financial tasks, overseeing budgeting and accounting. His position plays a crucial role in providing input and influencing important financial decisions that can have a strong hand in determining the health of a company. In addition to preparing financial reports in many situations, he is also in charge of approving expenditures.In small organizations, financial controllers can start their career as entry-level accountants or auditors. However in larger corporations they may start as assistant controllers before getting on to the position of a financial controller.The typical duties of a financial controller include:

  • Producing the accounts and financial reports
  • Compiling budgets, forecasts and cash flows
  • Ensuring each member of the finance team is performing well
  • Making sure the organization is paying the right taxes
  • Overseeing payroll functions
  • Presenting all financial reports and development back to the business.
The career as a Financial Controller is one of the most esteemed position that has lots of responsibility, plenty of respect and a very healthy annual income. A knack for numbers and a good understanding of business and financial issues make a good choice for pursuing this career.

Salaries and Job Outlook*

Median Annual Pay
Number of Jobs
Projected Growth Rate

With expanding economy, increasing globalization of finance and a greater need for financial expertise, Financial Controllers are expected to see a positive job outlook. Although the completion is tough for such position, advanced education and certifications play a vital role in career salaries and job prospects. Financial controllers work within all industries but there is demand is particularly higher in energy, oil and gas, FMCG and pharmaceutical sectors.The starting salary for Finance Controllers is very competitive as compared to other finance careers. Salaries increase with the size of a company, as do their responsibilities. The average salary for a Financial Controller is in the range of INR 15.0 lacs p.a to 17.0 lacs p.a.

Education and Training

Degrees Required:
Masters Degree in Accounting C.P.A. M.B.A. Finance

A degree in accounting or related subject such as business, economics or maths is ideal to qualify for the position of Financial Controller. Achieve a strong academic foundation for future career prospects such as a Masters degree and MBA proves beneficial for advancement.Spending three to four years in the early stages of your career as an entry-level accountant or auditor gives practical experience and helps to fasten the career progression to a qualified Financial Controller.

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Valued Traits & Abilities

Quantitative Abilities
Analytical Skills
Communication Skills
Problem-Solving Skills
Time-Management Skills

Career Opportunities

The role of a Finance Controller in an organization has evolved over the years from mere technical finance functions to being managerial in nature. Finance controllers often move on to popular career paths as Finance directors, CFOs, or even a COO position. The core responsibilities of these positions include financial reporting, business budgeting and forecasting, business development projects, treasury management, risk evaluation and business analysis. Financial Controller can also find multiple opportunities to progress into more commercial roles after specializing in areas such as audit, tax and treasury.

Director Audit & Compliance

Conducts periodical audits to ensure compliance with regulations and internal controls recommending improvements in internal control structure and guiding the work of auditors. He communicates all the progress and findings by preparing reports and presenting them on meetings.


He reports to the CFO of the company and works like a watchdog to the all the aspects of financial management. His role involves, financial planning and budgeting, funding and fund raising, reporting and managing the liquidity, risk and investment activities of his organization.

Finance Director

He is one of the senior most persons in finance and often wears multiple hats depending upon the size of the organization. He oversees all financial aspects of company strategy and is responsible for the flow of financial information to the chief executive, the board and, where necessary, external parties such as investors or financial institutions.

Top Companies

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  • JP Morgan Chase
  • Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance ltd.
  • Suzlon Energy ltd
  • Citibank
  • Credit Suisse
  • DuPont
  • Clarion Technologies