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Career Overview

Often abbreviated as DBA, database administrators are the professionals who build and maintain custom databases to meet the specific data needs of a company or organization. They are in charge of all functions involved in database development, complex software and file storage, security and retrieval. Virtually every company over the size of 25 people needs a centralized database of some sort and a database administrator who works with database management systems software and determines ways to organize and store data.With the Internet and electronic business creating tremendous volumes of data, database administrators are projected to be among the fastest growing occupations with a bright career outlook. Database administrators play a key role in ensuring an organization's success. In commercial and e-commerce websites, DBAs develop and secure the network structures that store and return information based on internet queries. The most common language or certifications used by database administration is MySQL ("Structured Query Language"), Oracle DBA and Microsoft Certified Database Administrator (MCDBA) which are powerful certifications for DBAs looking for work at hospitals, banks and service businesses across the country.At an entry level one can join an organization as a Database administrator and graduate to Senior Database administrator responsible for designing database according to company's goals and finally get into a strategic role as CTO and develop company's technical strategy.Database technology changes frequently, hence a career in DBA will need you to have a strong willingness to keep learning and stay abreast of security updates and planned software upgrade cycles.

Salaries and Job Outlook*

Median Annual Pay
Number of Jobs
Projected Growth Rate

In every sector and industry, business information systems are heavily dependent upon databases, and the demand for skilled DBAs is growing rapidly. Employment opportunities for database administrators are favorable especially for those with the right education and certification. As digital data increases, so will the need to protect, organize and store that information.With a continued growth expected in the industry, DBAs are able to enjoy premium salaries and a wide variety of employment opportunities. Many DBAs first work as database developers or data analysts wherein the position includes maintenance, administration and testing. Career advancement to supervisory or managerial positions is based on skill level and years of experience.The average annual salary of a DBA is INR 4.0 lacs p.a. Those who manage corporate database systems, or work in healthcare, or develop secure web e-commerce sites often earn the most.

Education and Training

Degrees Required:
Bachelor Degree in Computer Science

A formal qualification in software coding or database administration is essential to become a DBA and so is development experience immensely useful. Professional DBA certification like Oracle, MySQL are an absolute requirement for DBA roles and with further degrees like MCM or MCA one can command the highest salary ranges.

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Valued Traits & Abilities

Detail Oriented.
Communication Skills
Computer Skills
Time-Management Skills

Career Opportunities

Most DBAs are employed with computer systems design and related services firms, such as Internet service providers and data-processing firms. Many others work at firms with large databases, such as insurance companies and banks, retail and healthcare where they also find lucrative job opportunities. Since the volume of sensitive data is growing rapidly through internet based platforms, the demand for successful DBA is always high.Most database administrators begin their careers working as database developers or data analysts. Developers design and implement database technologies while Data analysts collect and analyze data contained in databases.

Database Developers

A fresher can start a career in DBA as a developer who is responsible for design, develop, test, implement and maintain new and existing databases. Such professionals are hired by organizations enable users and administrators to update, retrieve, delete or arrange data within a specific database.

Data Analyst

They specialize in collecting and analyzing data by importing, cleaning, transforming, validating them so that companies can make conclusions from the data for decision making purposes. Data analysts work in diverse domains including healthcare or social sciences wherein they perform the analysis by running various mathematical calculations and help companies determine if their business decision can be profitable to them.

Data Architect

They provide advanced technical support in the research, experimentation and business analysis. They are responsible for database architecture, design, and creation, optimization, deriving conversion and migration methods for existing data. Data architects are critical for the success factor for any software project and they assure that the information used by companies is credible and well-maintained.

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