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Customer Service Manager

Career Overview

Customer Service Managers work in customer service departments ensuring the company or corporation delivers the highest level of customer service possible. This includes after-sales support and work to maintain good customer relations. If you possess the inherent qualities of empathy, a positive attitude, willingness to serve and multi-tasking, customer service can be a great career choice for you. Customer Service Manager may work different environments, including retail establishments, call centers, offices, banks, insurance companies, government departments or even restaurants. In larger organizations they may supervise a team of dedicated customer service officers and only deal directly with customers when there is a serious or complex issue that cannot easily be resolved by a customer service officer. Training other staff members and building positive customer relationships is also a part of their role.While the job definitely takes a lot of patience, it usually offers excellent stability and the chance to learn communication skills and score future growth opportunities.Some of the work responsibilities of a CSM are:

  • Identify customer's problems and find solutions
  • Handling customer complaints and order issues
  • Compile and print reports analyzing the customer service
  • Request customers to provide feedback on agents and customer service experience
  • Train staff to deliver a high standard of customer service
  • Oversee product exchanges and returns
  • Develop and review customer relations policies, programs and procedures
  • Identify and implement strategies to improve quality of service, productivity and profitability

Salaries and Job Outlook*

Median Annual Pay
Number of Jobs
Projected Growth Rate

The job outlook for customer service careers is positive as one can start at an entry level with minimum educational qualifications. The scope for career advancement is easy and with training and experience under your belt a CSM can progress to higher levels, such as team leader or supervisor, then to various levels of management. Every organization in business has customers and prospective clients and need Customer service managers to ensure that the needs of customers are being satisfied. Popular industries that hire CSMs are, retail, banking, insurance, leisure and tourism, IT, transport and government. Employment for Call Centre Customer Service Managers also enjoys a positive job outlook.At a manager level the customer service professionals earn an average of INR 4.5lacs p.a to 5.5 lacs p.a. Salaries are even better in insurance and technical services.

Education and Training

Degrees Required:
Bachelor's Degree Diploma in Business Administration

It is possible to become a customer service manager with no formal qualifications. One can begin working in customer service immediately after graduation and get experience when trying to become a customer service manager. Some industry specific employers look at skill sets like proficiency in CRM systems. Expertise in MS Office applications is often a must in this profession. To give you a hand up the career ladder, you can also consider a diploma certification in customer service management.

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Valued Traits & Abilities

Communication Skills
Teamwork Skills
Problem-Solving Skills
Sales Skills

Career Opportunities

Almost every industry holds ample opportunities for a Customer Service Manager. Besides managing the relationships between an organization and its customers/clients, he also provides after- sales support and his contribution is often very demanding in most organizations. Customer retention and relationship building being the most important asset and critical factor to corporate performance, they are employed in various environments and industries. CSMs may work in call centers, retail stores, restaurants and offices into supervisory or managerial roles. Companies have evolved their customer service titles on the basis of various functions and roles and one can choose to work for a specific area as per desired interest. Some of the related career options in customer service are:

Customer Operations Manager

They play a versatile role including that of purchases, supply and inventory management. They need to identify the key services and facilities that are indispensable to an organization and ensure that the company is able to run its daily operations without any hindrance.

Help Desk Manager

They are mostly dedicated to IT support staff wherein they are in charge of providing assistance in installing new hardware and software on a computer, troubleshooting problems that employees or clients have or any other technical support. He also performs administrative tasks such as keeping records and creating weekly schedules.

Call Centre Manager

They perform one of the highest level of customer service and are responsible for delivering high standards of service to customers and clients. He trains, motivates and guides agents working under his supervision and also analyzes and plan improvements to call-center performance.

Top Companies

  • ICICI Lombard General Insurance
  • Britannia Industries
  • ABC Consultants Pvt. ltd
  • Nirmal Lifestyle Ltd
  • Amazon
  • IDBI Federal Life insurance
  • Future Group Ltd