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Application Developer

Career Overview

Apps have become a necessary function for most businesses to thrive, even though the general perception of the field may still be stuck on mobile games or other trivial applications. Application Developers are responsible for designing, coding, testing, implementing, supporting as well as modifying application software that is delivered on time and within budget. Without the contribution of App Developers who help to create a smooth and easy to use interface many of us would never come near a computer!. Many app developers specialize in a specific field such as mobile applications, accounting software or computer graphics software. They are widely employed among most businesses and some of the key employers of application developers are information technology or software consultancy firms, governments, manufacturers, telecommunication companies, financial institution and commercial and industrial organizations to name a few.Some of the roles of an application developer in an organization are:

  • Research and examine current systems and establish a detailed program specification through discussion with clients
  • Break down program specifications into simple programming language
  • Combine all elements of the program and test it
  • Evaluate on increasing the program's effectiveness and make necessary corrections
  • Conduct user acceptance testing to ensure that it has been used easily and quickly
  • Write software and operating manuals, periodicals to be used by users

Salaries and Job Outlook*

Median Annual Pay
Number of Jobs
Projected Growth Rate

Applications for mobile technologies like tablets and smart phones have a huge demand for applications developers. Healthcare industry and security software applications are yet another growing industry for these professionals. The quick and extensive growth of the app market has created a huge need for good app developers, both for consulting work and full-time positions. With the rapid change in mobile technology, companies seek to hire app developers who are just not experienced but also who can keep up with the changes in the field.The salary of app developers varies from industry and type of organization and the level of skill one has. The average annual salary of an App Developer ranges between INR 4.5 lacs p.a to 5.0 lacs p.a.

Education and Training

Degrees Required:
Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science Software Engineering

Most employers look for a Bachelor's degree in computer science or related field. Application Developers must have a strong knowledge of programming languages used by the organization. Experience in systems design and a solid understanding of development, database development, testing, and integration methodologies are vital to this field. Learning additional skills such as interface design, visual design, app marketing, social media, business, project management, information architecture, video, and animation is advantageous.Because technology is constantly changing, computer application developers are required to stay updated with latest developments through continuing education courses or self-study.

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Valued Traits & Abilities

Analytical Skills
Communication Skills
Time-Management Skills
Problem-Solving Skills
Creativity & Innovative

Career Opportunities

There is a growing audience for app users and organizations of all shapes and sizes are integrating mobile apps within their business processes. This has led to huge opportunities for Application Developers. Consumer apps are a revenue earning source for mobile technology whereas business and productivity app market also offers a huge growth and revenue potential in the Application Development market. As more work gets shifted to internet there will be a growing need for App developers update old programs and make new ones to accommodate a variety of users and their unique needs.

Web Application Development

They are involved in the development and design of web and/or network applications for the creation of web page. Web development, programming content and page links, coding, analysis and testing are his main work responsibilities. They also suggest new methodologies and areas of improvement for web applications.

Mobile Application Development

These developers' design and code programs that run on tablets and phones. Mobile applications are not restricted to individual users but have also reached out to business and institutional users. All services and offerings have a presence on mobile phones and mobile application developers have an increased demand for their specialization in this area.

Top Companies

  • IBM
  • Intel
  • ThoughtWorks
  • Brisa Technologies
  • Volvo Group
  • JP Morgan Chase
  • GSS Infosoft Pvt ltd
  • Book My Show