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Career Overview

Advertising professionals

"Don't tell me how good you make it; tell me how good it makes me when I use it." Leo Burnett, noted advertising guru and founder of Leo Burnett Company explains the essence of advertising. Simply put, advertisements are messages paid for by those who send them and are intended to inform or influence people who receive them. Advertising has become increasingly important to business enterprises, both large and small. Today, non business enterprises including army recruitment is basis substantial advertising efforts. Health departments and labour organizations popularize their views through advertising. With the increasing number of advertising messages a consumer is exposed on a given day, professionals in advertising will need to create campaigns that will break through the clutter and make a permanent, positive impact, brand recognition and recall.

In addition to the given criterion of having a streak of creativity, first and foremost you need to have a genuine passion for advertising. It may be a cliché , but if you don't believe in what you do you'll find it much harder to succeed in a career in Advertising. And passionate people breathe enthusiasm. So if you are fascinated by consumer insights, interested in brand strategy and passionate about creative ideas, take a serious look at the advertising industry as an exciting career you can embark upon. There is a tremendous variety with a blend of business and creativity within the industry and great job satisfaction. Some jobs, such as Brand manager and Product manager are more business oriented than ones like copywriter and art- director, which are more creative. If creativity is not your forte , you can still have plenty of chances to land a great job in either the graphics department, Media sales or Web design. If you're more into number crunching and researching data to determine ad placements, a career in the Media department is just what you could be exploring. Advertising is a career wherein you can acquire some of the most sought after transferable skills in marketing and communications. You would network with agencies, clients, suppliers and media owners, which provide a plethora of future opportunities. You could get to wear the most casual clothes to work, but they better be comfy because you will probably work long hours! Yes, when opting for a career in advertising get ready to work in a high pressure environment with short deadlines and last minute changes. You share the glory when a campaign is a huge hit but equally share the brickbats when it is a flop! There is room for growth, great earning potential and for talented people, sky is the limit!

Advertising agencies handle a broad range of marketing tasks requiring people with experience and ability in overall management and specialized skills. In all agencies, jobs usually fall into five main categories:

  • Account management
  • Account planning
  • Creative
  • Media
  • Interactive marketing

Salaries and Job Outlook*

Median Annual Pay INR 5.0 lacs per annum
Number of Jobs
Projected Growth Rate

As a result of economic liberalization and changing social trends advertising industry has shown rapid growth over the last decade. The trend spurred by an increase in International business and global marketing, advertising agencies have set up international subsidiaries to assist clients who have gone global making the industry more stable and highly competitive. With a suggested growth rate of 14%, employers will continue to be highly selective in attracting talent. The most motivated, energetic, well-organized candidates with finer analytical and communication skills will land the best of jobs. Salaries of advertising agency professionals range widely, depending on factors such as size and prestige of the agency and the chief markets in which it does business. While a Senior copywriter can earn an average salary of INR 5.0 lacs p.a , a Marketing Director can look at a compensation of INR 21.0 lacs p.a. The average salaries of Advertising professionals across profiles may range in between INR 4.5 lacs p.a. to 5.5 lacs p.a.

Education and Training

Degrees Required:
Bachelors degree ( arts , sociology, public relations, psychology, literature) MBA in Advertising and Marketing

Most advertising agencies prefer candidates with a Bachelors degree and a liberal arts background or consider a degree in Communications or in English. Obtaining an internship with an ad agency can also hone your skills and develop your portfolio for improving your job prospects. There are many wonderful degree programs available to give you an excellent base in Marketing, Advertising, Communications, Graphics, Journalism and creative writing.

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Valued Traits & Abilities

Communication Skills
Creativity & Innovative
Sales Skills
Leadership Skills
Time Management Skills
Analytical Skills

Career Opportunities

"Doing business without advertising is like winking at a girl in the dark. You know what you are doing, but nobody else does!" aptly said by Steuart Handerson Britt. Effective advertising stimulates growth, encourages competition and makes consumers aware of product innovations and also help increase the sale of that product that benefits both the business and the consumer.

Job prospects in the field of advertising are categorized into two broad areas, Executive and Creative. The Executive side includes, Client servicing, Market Research and Media Research. The Creative side consists of Copywriters, scriptwriters, visualizers, photographers and typographers. Another trend in the advertising world that is gaining popularity is the online platform. If you have a digital experience or learning in Design, programming, web copy, or Social media applications, you will most likely to be in high demand in the near future.

Advertising is a meritocratic industry offering tremendous variety, job satisfaction and quick promotions for those who shine.

Client Servicing and Account Manager

Also known as Account executives and account directors are responsible for overseeing the entire advertising process. They are involved in assisting clients, putting marketing strategies and look into various production stages of the finished advertisement.

Creative and Copywriter

These professionals are also referred to as Copywriters and Art directors. They work as a creative team, producing ideas and concepts that communicate the client's message in an original and persuasive way.

Media Buyer

They are responsible for buying advertising space in newspapers, TV, radio and magazines. They ensure the advertisement reaches the target audience keeping factors like cost in mind.


They belong to department named as marketing communications and are responsible for taking editorial photographs that help describe and sell a product or idea.

Top Companies

  • Ogilvy and Mather
  • Mudra Communications
  • JWT
  • McCann Erickson India
  • Leo Burnett
  • Lowe Lintas
  • Matchboxindia
  • Dentsu India
  • Contract
  • RK Swamy- BBDO