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Account Manager

Career Overview

Account Managers are considered an important part of a sales team essentially responsible for liaising with several clients and make sure they are happy. As a job he plays a combined role of sales and customer service. The role of an Account Manager varies depending upon the nature of the industry. In an advertising agency an Account manager plays a key role as the main point of contact between the client and the agency. They direct campaigns, prepare budgets and production estimates, and maintain relationships with clients. Overall Account Managers work with clients to identify their needs, work towards how the company can meet those needs and also find out ways to add potential clients and business opportunities. They could be responsible for handling a single client or manage a portfolio of clients. To succeed in this career one needs to have very good interpersonal skills combined with good business skills to match the criteria of an Account Manager position.Some of the everyday roles and responsibilities of an Account Manager are:

  • Identify new clients and business potential
  • Discuss with clients their requirements and present solutions
  • Design proposals and strategies for a product or service
  • Ensure client payments on time
  • Set up meetings with other management teams and departments
  • Contract negotiation, maintaining SLA , budgets and timelines
  • Oversee the successful delivery of service/ project
  • Retain current customers

Salaries and Job Outlook*

Median Annual Pay
Number of Jobs
Projected Growth Rate

Job growth for Account Managers is steady across industries on account of competition and influx of new products and services. Some of the typical employers of Account Managers are direct marketing agencies, public relation agencies, consultancies, marketing departments, corporate set ups and major commercial organizations. Job opportunities in advertising have the most concentration and most sought after by aspiring Account Managers. Most of the job growth is expected on the business to business sales rather than business to consumer sales.The average salary of an Account Manager ranges in between INR 5.5 lacs p.a to 6.0 lacs p.a. Salaries are influenced by skills, experience, company size and the industry involved.

Education and Training

Degrees Required:
Bachelor's Degree in Business, Marketing

Account managers may hail from different academic backgrounds depending upon the nature of industry they are employed with. Most employers prefer business, management, marketing, public relations as degree to qualify for Account Manager Position.An internship or having some experience from a sales environment or demonstrating excellent communication skills, both written and verbal may usually be advantageous for career progression.

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Valued Traits & Abilities

Communication Skills
Detail Oriented
Negotiation Skills
Sales Skills

Career Opportunities

Account managers are employed in a wide variety of companies and organizations in any field that has a product or service to sell to clients. They may work for a small business, corporate company, financial service, retail chain, manufacturer, university or local authority. Most of Account Managers start as Account executives and find excellent opportunities for promotion into consultant or senior managerial positions. With experience there are ample opportunities for career progression. Account Managers with proven track record can succeed to becoming Marketing manager, Brand Manager or Account Directors.Account Managers can choose to specialize in one of the fields under Marketing and consider some of the following career streams:

Brand Manager

They mostly belong to a managerial role in a media profession and work closely with many teams such as in marketing, research and advertising. He monitors marketing trends and advertising and marketing activities and helps create long lasting impression of a product or service's image among consumers.

Corporate Sales Manager

They are mainly responsible for maximizing the sales of a company and achieving the sales goal. They also manage sales people under them, helps in hiring, training and evaluating performance. They may be individually assigned and responsible for key accounts of the company and be named as key account manager.

Top Companies

  • HP
  • Info Edge India ltd
  • Target
  • Oracle
  • Kent RO Systems
  • Honeywell
  • Fortis Healthcare